Posted the 18 February 2020


ONCF quick starts the year 2020 with double-digit traffic growth in comparison with 2019. This traffic growth was generated by its main-line train ranges during the month of January. Building on a performance increase that has reached + 41% for AL BORAQ and + 24% for AL ATLAS, the Office is developing complementary high added-value services to the train, to offer its customers a range of services for the purpose of improving their mobility.

The first service "Train + Auto” starting February 19Th 2020 as part of this strategy, includes all additional services. “Train + Auto” aims to guarantee travel between stations and different locations in cities, to desiring customers.

Therefore, in order to strengthen the "Train + Auto" service offering, ONCF is in the process of finalising partnerships with car-rental service providers. Aiming to offer additional transport options, complementary to the train, with the following conditions and customer benefits :

  • Affordable prices: Exclusive and preferential rates to ONCF customers
  • Adaptability: Variety of car-rental services, with or without a driver, appealing to different customer segments to cover the needs of all travellers. For instance: carsharing, daily or hourly rentals and transfers to airports and ports
  • Quality: appointing car-rental services operators notorious for their quality service
  • Proximity: Simplified customer journey from booking the “Train + Auto” service online, to the recovery /return of the vehicle to the designated parking spaces at the station.

This service, also available via the ONCF portal will allow ONCF customers to benefit from an “address to address” travel experience. It will be available with the greatest comfort and at affordable prices at a multitude of train stations across the rail network.