Posted the 08 February 2018

ONCF: 30 “new generation” electric locomotives recently added to strengthen the fleet

ONCF: 30 “new generation” electric locomotives recently added to strengthen the fleet


To implement the national rail transport development strategy, ONCF launched an international tender for the acquisition of 30 new electric locomotives.

This operation is the first in a series of programed progressive acquisition of rolling stock, including in particular self-propelled trains for the transportation of passengers, wagons for the transport of goods as well as locomotives.

Following this call for tenders, a contract was awarded to ALSTOM for the manufacture and supply of the 30 electric locomotives mentioned above, for a total amount of approximately 1.4 billion dirhams, covering equipment and spare parts and financed in full by the French government, thanks to a loan with a maturity of 40 years, with a grace period of 10 years and an interest rate of 0.0016%.

These latest-generation locomotives, complying with the standards and standards of the International Union of Railways (UIC), will be designed according to state-of-the-art features and specifications: on-board computing, driving assistance, improved control and safety systems, etc. These will be capable of reaching a maximum speed of 180 km/h and will be operated at 160 km/h.

These acquisitions are a logical continuation of the major infrastructure projects being completed throughout the national rail network, making it a vast work site from Tangier to Marrakesh (with the entire doubling of the tracks between Casablanca and Marrakesh, strengthening the capacity of the main Kenitra-Casablanca axis, reshuffling of the Casablanca interchange…) in addition to the Tangier-Casablanca high-speed line.

By acquiring these new locomotives, ONCF intends to support an ever-increasing demand for transport by train, modernizing and reinforcing rolling stock and increasing the passenger transport supply. These locomotives will also serve to improve transfer times between regular and high-speed trains on the busy axes namely, Casablanca - Fez and Casablanca - Marrakesh, while offering high performance products and services.