Book your ticket and gain your peace of mind !

With Al Boraq, a new way of travelling is now offered to you !

First-class and Second-class booking Is the key. It allows you to benefit from the best prices, optimal comfort and a guaranteed seat onboard the train you want.

Therefore, remember to plan your trip and purchase your ticket in advance. Tickets are available for sale 3 months ahead of time.

Once your ticket purchased, we invite you to check : 

  • The time and date of your trip
  • Departure and arrival stations
  • The price and class
  • Your seat and carriage number

If you notice an error, we invite you to promptly exchange you ticket.

Before accessing the platform, check your carriage’s positioning on the platform and stand nearby.

The choice of location

Choosing your seat when buying your ticket is now easier with Al Boraq.

Your will be assigned a seat according to your preferences and taking into consideration the availabilities in offer

Several different types of seat are on offer :

  • Window: seat by the window
  • Aisle: seat by the aisle
  • Square: 4 seats facing each other (second class)
  • Cubic: 4 seats facing each other (first class)
  • Single solo: single seat beside the window (first class)
  • Duo vis-à-vis : 2 seats face-to-face (first class)
  • Duo side by side: 2 seats side by side (first and second class)
  • Famille zone: four face-to-face seats, isolated from the rest of the coach.