Governance, a continually improving system

The Governance structure of the ONCF, aims to optimize the overall management of the company, increasing responsibility of operators, on the one hand, and separating operational steering from strategic steering on the other. It is built around two key bodies and ad hoc instruments.

Management bodies

  • Executive committee
  • Management committee
  • Themed committees

Administration and governance bodies

  • Board of directors
  • Investment committee
  • Audit/Governance Committee
  • Monitoring Committee/Contract program

Governance instruments

  • Reference system
  • Contract program
  • Company project
  • Audit missions
  • Risk mapping
  • Management committee and Investment committee powers
  • Purchase references

Organization chart

ONCF has put in place an organizational structure that allows it to focus the energy towards customer satisfaction. This is a basic condition when working towards progress and excellence, this way of working ensures:

  • Clarification of responsibilities and the institution of a way of management focused on objectives, making different business areas responsible for their performance and optimizing their resources;
  • The decision-making process is brought down to ground level, through strong decentralization efforts to be able to efficiently meet the requirements of regionalization;
  • Separation between operations and strategy, by refocusing the role of central structures on respect for policies and methods.