At the Service of Sustainable Mobility 

Created by the Dahir (Decree) No. 1-63 - 225 of 5 August 1963, the Moroccan National Railways Office “ONCF” is a Public Establishment with an industrial and commercial character (EPIC) with financial autonomy. Its mission is to ensure the rail transport of passengers and goods in the best conditions of safety, safety, comfort, regularity, and sustainable development. To do so, ONCF performs the following operations:

  • Operating the national rail infrastructure
  • Studying, building and maintaining the train lines in the network
  • Exploiting all the businesses directly or indirectly related to ONCF’s railway services

Its main purpose is to manage railway infrastructure and to operate passenger rail and freight transport services, where it plays the role of the supply chain integrator. It also contributes to urban rail transport activities and offers complimentary services related to its main business.

Five values shared on a daily basis

  1. Safety

    ONCF ensures the transport of people and goods in the best possible conditions by respecting all standards and safety rules in force and by taking the necessary actions around vigilance, prevention and surveillance.

  2. Excellence

    ONCF is constantly improving, with the desire to surpass itself, while aspiring to a better future which watchwords are “performance and professionalism at the service of its stakeholders.”

  3. Transparency

    ONCF communicates openly, favoring listening and respect of the others’ opinions. Thereby fostering a climate of trust
    and understanding based on consultation and sincerity.

  4. Discipline

    ONCF ensures compliance with all rules and procedures, while adopting a responsible attitude, professional behavior and persevering in best practices. 

  5. Commitment

    ONCF is involved and committed to achieving the objectives set, focusing on teamwork, initiative and putting
    the satisfaction of stakeholders at the heart of its concerns.