Projects in the pipeline

Considered as a national leader in logistics, having developed expertise in the field and building on its intrinsic strengths, ONCF plays an important role in the success of major structuring projects stemming from the Kingdom's sector strategies.

As such, it is important to emphasize the undeniable differentiation factor provided by the railway connection to old and new ports such as Nador West Med, Safi and Kenitra, the railway link to the thermal power plants under construction and large production units installed where will settle at the industrial platforms (Renault, PSA, cement, ... etc.). This integration of the rail component in the logistics chains induced by these projects will give them a significant competitive advantage.

To this end, the Office is adopting a targeted freight and logistics strategy to continue to develop its growth markets, particularly those of transporting cars for export and import, and transporting energy products.

Indeed, the success of the model of development of the transport of cars for the account of "RENAULT" in the port Tanger-Med, incited the automobile group "PSA" to duplicate the same scheme between their factory in Kenitra and NP Kenitra.

PSA : First train of cars between Kenitra Atlantic and Tangier Med
AFRIQUIA : First commercial train of hydrocarbons between Jorf Lasfar and Sidi Bou Athmane

In addition, the ONCF continues to implement its cereal and hydrocarbon logistics plans either through the connection to the rail grain silos of major customers of Fez (Transitique and El Alf and other cereal importing customers), or by the transport of hydrocarbons to new destinations, such as diesel on the Oriental and Sidi Bouatman, region of Marrakech carried out on behalf of AFRIQUIA.

In addition, and to support the extension of the Jerrada Thermal Power Plant (ONEE), which doubled its production capacity in 2018, the ONCF has implemented a significant amount of logistics aimed at transferring an annual volume from the port of Nador one million tons of coal.

Regarding the construction sector, a rail service to the coal storage area at the Ben Ahmed plant was carried out on behalf of CIMAT and will ultimately cover one million tons.

CIMAT : First bagged cement train between Ben Ahmed and Salé