A response scaled to export companies’ needs

For the past few years, ONCF has rolled out its multi-directional strategy - either independently or in partnership - by creating bonded ports, building storage platforms, road transport, and improving international transport with choice forwarding agents.

Thanks to these new multimodal platforms, which are part of its national strategy for logistics competitiveness, ONCF is now able to transport, store and distribute a vast array of goods. Tanger, Marrakesh, Ain Sebâa, Zenata, Fes, Oujda, Nador are currently home to these new platforms. The storage of containers helps avoid ports reaching capacity while saving forwarding agents time. Bonded ports, which offer the same services as maritime ports, present numerous advantages. When merchandise arrives in a bonded port it is immediately transferred to the rail terminal or the dry port, and all customs and administrative formalities are carried out at the destination. For the client, to receive goods or take goods out of the port it is fast and easy. The halting of merchandise while waiting for formal procedures to be completed is significantly improved with two weeks of storage without fees compared to only seven days at a maritime port.