Performance at the service of sustainable mobility

According to the report World Economic Forum "WEF" in its 2017-2018 edition, the Moroccan rail network is ranked leader at the Arab-African level in terms of competitiveness and quality. This is evidenced by the constant evolution over the years of the various technical, economic, commercial and financial indicators.

  • Rail network and rolling stock

    Rail network and rolling stock

  • Passenger transport

    Passenger transport

  • Freight and logistics transport

    Freight and logistics transport

  • Human capital

    Human capital

  • Sustainable development

    Sustainable development

    2309 km 

    length of lines

   5306 works

   of art

    604 km of track

    material overhauled

   64 % of lines 



  46 millions  


 6,12 billion  


  38,75 million

  places offered

  2,2 billion MAD

 of turnover

 21 millions 

 tons transported

1690 million MAD 

 of turnover achieved


 900 thousand tonnes  

  of cereals transported

370 000 cars


  6 882 



  training budget/payroll


  collaborators recruited




  0,47 % share of 

GHG emissions in Morocco

 2,6 % share of ONCF 

 of GHG emissions in the transport sector 

 -31 % change in GHG

 emissions compared with 2021