I choose the "Smart Pass" option !


1. I commute in "Smart'" mode all year round

Rather than buying a monthly subscription, I choose the annual Smart’ Navette (Smart Pass) package and pay for my card in monthly instalments.

2. I commute at a "Smart" fare

Not only do I benefit from the very attractive price of the monthly payment, but the card also offers me an additional discount on a monthly subscription, and, from the first month onwards, I'll benefit from a 20% reduction compared with my 1-month pass, corresponding to a saving of up to 50% compared with the full fare (based on 5 return trips per week).


3. I pay "Smart" by bank debit

No need to go to the subscription counter and think about renewing my subscription card every month!

The SMART’ PASS is annual and no longer requires the switch to the subscription counter.

In addition to that, for ease of payment, the SMART’ PASS is paid by monthly bank debit.

4. I get one month free, by paying 11 monthly instalments instead of 12

In addition to the savings I make on my travel budget, with the SMART' PASS, I commute for 12 months for the price of 11, and I get one month's free subscription.
With the SMART' PASS, my 12th monthly payment is offered free of charge for even more benefits.

5. My "Smart" advantages

A whole team for you: For any request relating to my card, a team is available on smartnavette@oncf.ma or 2255, from 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. This same team can also be reached by mail at the following address

Centre d’Abonnement SMART’NAVETTE
ONCF/Direction Commerciale Voyageur
8 Bis, rue Abderrahmane Ghafiki, Agdal 10000, Rabat.

More tranquility: If my card is stolen or lost, no stress, a duplicate will be sent to me.

More flexibility: If I'm on annual leave or ill, I can extend the validity of my card on request.

If I've lost my job, I've been transferred or in the case of force majeure, I can cancel my SMART' PASS before its expiry date.


To subscribe, I complete the enrolment form and sign the bank debit authorization by attaching my bank identification statement (RIB).

The subscription file must be received before the 15th of the month for a subscription start on the 1st of the following month.